Ok, so before you celebrate your avenger-ish type, I know you’re probably wondering how the hell is this going to help you and your business, well…

Lemme give you a little bit of background on why we’re doing this (aside from the fact that it’s fun)…

It’s simple.

The Avengers movies, especially the Endgame, had done so well in the industry. Just Endgame alone, they’ve already earned billions of USD – pretty kickass, right?

But before you go crazy all over it, there’s actually tons of lessons we could pick up from this. 

The reason why Avengers Endgame was so successful was because of the many great Avengers movies that came before it. Just imagine if they launched Endgame first – no Captain America origin story, no Iron Man origin story etc. – then the Endgame movie would probably not be as high-performing as it has been.

So what’s my point here?

My point is – it’s the origin stories of all of these characters that made people want to watch it. 

It’s because of the stories that connected with them, just as much as how you connected on choosing which avenger you are from above.

The keyword here is connection. 

In doing business, people must be capable of connecting with their target market in order for them to buy something from them. 

So what composes an origin story?

It’s composed of three things:

  1. Your struggle
  2. Your discovery, and
  3. Your turning point

When you have all of these, you are more able to convey a powerful message that would connect with your audience.

Just think of it…

Which avenger are you? What were the reasons that made you say that? Which part of their story resonated with you? And how the hell is that making you feel?

Once you’ve figured that out, that’s the time you realize more the power of telling your origin stories.

Yes… definitely an Oh No.

If you look like Leonardo D’Caprio or Megan Fox, then maybe you wouldn’t have problems in that situation (or maybe you’d still have). 

Nonetheless, I know we could both agree here that buyers nowadays are smart. And when I say smart, they’re very smaaaaaart – people been reading reviews of the products before they buy, they compare whichever is better or worth their money of, they jump into multiple sites to see if it’s a fraud or not, and so many other things to verify what’s the best decision.

“So how do I stand out among the marketplace?”

Think of the industry as a big stage. And think of the show The Voice.