Relevant irrelevance pertain to the irrelevant things that we tell to people BUT relevant in a way that it helps and serves your relationship with the person.

Ok lemme have that visualized for you.

Let’s say you’re a student and you’re about to choose whom you wanna be your seatmate – the first person only talks about school stuff, while the other talks about a bunch of funny or other interesting stuff (other than school matters)… now whom do you wanna sit next to?

To the person that speaks of one thing? Or to the person who could speak to you on different things?

Obviously, it’s the second one.

But why?

How come do we not wanna sit next to the person who only talks about one thing?

Well, the truth is that – what makes people attractive are not just because of the value that they give. Keep in mind that it’s value that hooks them but it’s entertainment which really keeps people.

So how do people assess if you’re an attractive character then?

It’s of three things actually – your personality, authenticity, and pictures.

People who succeed socially and in business, don’t necessarily possess all the desired qualities from the outset. Rather, people mostly succeed in attracting others by convincing themselves that they are awesome until other people start believing it too.

So if you’re having second thoughts on whether you should talk to your clients or target market in another language other than business, then here’s your signal to go for it.

Take note of this…

Every single one of you in the industry are already giving value, so what are you doing or WILL BE doing that would make your relationship different with them?