Founder of Value Investing College

How A Singaporean Investing Guru Went From Breaking Even to $1 Million profits in one year!

Sean Seah teaches ordinary individuals how to invest in the stock market using a highly predictable, profitable method that Warren Buffet uses called value investing.
Value investing is the complete opposite of wild speculation. It is safe, predictable and works for average folks who don’t have a huge capital to begin with.
However, Sean was struggling in his business. 
He knew he had a great product and he was making a little noise in the marketplace.
But beyond that, sales were not great.
He was making just enough money to cover bills, rent and wages – and not much more. 
Maybe to the outside world, he was doing well but he knew otherwise. 
He engaged a few marketers and applied a few tips he learnt from gurus here and there – but nothing seemed to work significantly long term. 
It was all very frustrating. 
The business just couldn’t expand, and people just couldn’t really grasp the value of what he was teaching. 
Something just seemed to be missing – and more hard work wasn’t the answer.
But with bills mounting, Sean needed help FAST! 
Jo entered the picture and immediately starting using our parts of our 4-step method to assist Sean.

“I went from breakeven to $1 Million in profits in one year!”

1. Jo helped Sean craft a attractive sexy offer. 
He took what Sean taught and make it simple to understand and sexy to the average working adult who might have never invested before.
In one glance, you UNDERSTOOD what Sean was teaching, and the incredible value it had to your life. 
Immediately, you felt like finding out more.
Also, Jo reframed Sean’s offer so it overcame people’s objections towards investing.
No more did you think it was complicated or gambling … 
In fact, you realised that you COULD do it even though you had no experience or much capital to begin with. 
This first step made the world of difference.
But Jo didn’t stop there.
2. He turned on the digital floodgates and helped Sean put his now hyper-attractive offer right smack in front of a hungry, receptive audience.
Suddenly, the crowds started flowing like mad.
From 20 – 40 people per preview workshop, Sean started seeing upwards of 100 people per session.
Some sessions were so packed that people stood at the entrance because the room was too full.
Soon, Sean was running afternoon AND evening sessions due to the overwhelming demand.
Even at 2pm in the afternoon of a work day, the sessions were still packed.
The leads kept flowing, and it was highly predictable week after week.
Once Jo started helping Sean …
Sean made $420,000 in actual collected sales in 5 months. 
He had gained in that short time period market awareness and recognition too – and became the brand expert in that field.
Because of the increased cash, Sean was able to expand his business and team, and solve many of his previous business woes.
Sean has since taken his business from struggle to international acclaim – now teaching students around the world how to value invest. 
The company he started, Value Investing College, is the undisputed #1 heavyweight in the value investing space. 
Jo’s help was the major turning point for them. 


"Without doubt - Melvin and Josiah are the two best marketers I have ever seen in my entire 50 year business career."
Marshall Thurber
Godfather of Business
"I know almost everybody out there in the Sales and Marketing world, and Mel and Jo are right up there with the best of the best."
Mark Joyner
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Ken Chee
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