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Founder of Selfstrology

“From closing $3,000 programs before, I’m now closing up to $30,000!”

I’ve been doing some coaching with Mel and in this last 3-4 months, I’ve done some pretty crazy things.

I’ve launched a new program called Pro-Astrologers Program. I’ve launched my career transformation program.

And in fact, I started as – I think what used to be as something like closing for about 2-3 thousand became closing for programs up to about twenty thousand, which is not something I’ve done before.

So if you’re in the fence about whether or not you wanted to do coaching with Mel, just trust me. You won’t regret it.

Just one hour with Mel can get my mind really clear about what I need to do.

“This closing rate is ridiculous! I’m closing more people and getting more leads.”

“I understood that what I’m producing is worth a lot more.”

Before coming to today’s session, I already understood that what I’m producing is worth a lot more. But I think I still had barriers about making sure that people could afford my programs.

And during today’s session, I think it was very useful to sort of separate out where my core values really were. And also realizing that honestly by charging them, the truth is I’m helping them.

Because otherwise, they’re not going to be able to make a review for themselves anyway.

But after this program, tomorrow I’m making a pitch. And next week I’m doing another pitch for different products. But I think this session was very timely.

And I suppose, moving on from here, I think all of my programs are going to be designed around giving other people the kind of confidence to do the same kind of thing. Because otherwise, my astrologers and people in my programs cannot move forward.

“Simply applying what I’ve learned here could be worth up to about 70k per month for my business!”


I like to say two years but it might be even longer that I struggle with, I think, the core business model of my business.
I was doing what I love. I love astrology. The main thing is, I wasn’t quite getting the right mix of the kind of customers that I wanted.


I think one of the biggest life defining moments for me in this class was quite frankly last night when I was talking to my brother and when I shared with him what I learned yesterday from what Jo taught me.

A lot of my revenue comes from people who never even came to a single one of my previews here and they are actually among my best customers, which actually if you think about it, it means I don’t even need to do previews to get most of the business that I really want. That was a huge revelation for me.

My so-called good customers form at least 65 to 70% of my current revenue, I would say that if I simply cut out all the other rubbish that I’ve been doing over the years and simply focus on this group of people, which is not just where the majority of the money comes from, but also where the spark joy comes from, I think I’ll be a lot happier and I could possibly work a lot less. 


If I didn’t really make a big change to my business, simply just applying what I’ve learned here, it could be worth up to about 70k per month for my business. 


It takes a lot for people to propose ideas that are away from what the industry is promoting and I like it because it’s real, it’s authentic, it’s based on actual results that the people sitting in the room actually want for their business rather than just more techniques that make people very stressed up and quite frankly doesn’t really work and doesn’t work for everybody.

It’s a very customized experience, not just for myself but I can see for my coursemates that they receive exactly what they needed and at the level of where their businesses are. I thought that both of you spent a lot of time thinking this through. It’s not forced in any way and I think there was a lot of time spent on getting to the essence of what people really want to do in the business.


After I spoke to Jo in the afternoon, I have to admit there was a moment of doubt that I was thinking maybe don’t do this was because I was thinking, “Oh great another class.” Quite frankly, I thought it was a lot of like more seminar people trying to make money off of what might look like a seminar junkie, right? I’m by no means a seminar junkie. I didn’t attend anything before Joel Bauer. But I did consider because I did see a lot of people trying to upsell on the backs of another successful seminar. 

So I was thinking yeah, but there was something about the way that there was a qualifying call. The kind of questions that Jo asked me, made me feel that it was a genuine qualifying call. That means it wasn’t a call that was just stuck in just to look exclusive or elite. You could tell from the questions that Mel and Jo really cared by the quality of the people that they actually got into class.


I think people should come if they have felt that you’ve read like a million books. You watched all the crazy videos online and you’re just overwhelmed by, “Do I need to implement all of it?”, because I felt like that and I realized it’s not adding things. It’s actually removing all the superfluous noise that you frankly don’t need.

You just need to focus on the same few things. And if anybody is struggling with that, I will just say, just come and do Mel and Jo’s class. Simply because they don’t ask you to do 10,000 things. They just ask you to do that one or two things that actually deliver results.


"Without doubt - Melvin and Josiah are the two best marketers I have ever seen in my entire 50 year business career."
Marshall Thurber
Godfather of Business
"I know almost everybody out there in the Sales and Marketing world, and Mel and Jo are right up there with the best of the best."
Mark Joyner
Godfather of Internet Marketing
"Melvin and Josiah can design a marketing process and closing process to 10x your business!”
Ken Chee
CEO of 8VIC Global