How A 25 Year-Old Former Tuition Teacher With No Sales Experience Went From Zero to $150,000 In Less Than 6 Months In Real Estate

Jo’s fiancee, JJ, started her career in real estate late of 2018.
As a fresh graduate, she was hesitant and very nervous.
She wasn’t a natural sales person, wasn’t super talkative and had no background in selling at all.
In fact, her previous work experience was teaching kids math and science tuition. 
In addition, she was in her early twenties and a total newbie to the business … and didn’t think anyone would trust her at all.
Other seasoned agents in the field told her this business was all about tiring door knocks, approaching people on the street and getting rejected and dumb luck.
They also told her that the real estate economy was on the down, impact of cooling measures from the government are setting in, so she had to brace herself for tough times, lots of rejection and very little sales.
None of which gave her confidence at all. 
JJ listened to them, and attempted to copy their methods – but to zero success.
Every weekly meeting was an embarrassing, confidence-shattering experience.
She was the “zero sales” girl weeks in a row.
And JJ had thoughts about quitting. 
Maybe this whole business wasn’t for her.
She was putting in the work, listening to her seniors but something was missing.

“I Went From Zero to $89,000 of Personal Sales Revenue Within 3 Months Without Any Previous Sales/Marketing Experience!”

This was when we entered using our powerful 4-step system to once again completely change her fortunes.


1. We helped her craft an attractive offer
We started to look at where she could enter the market at the best angle.
Most agents were fighting with each other in the HDB space. Competition were stiff.
We decided to aim for the private condo space in a specific part of Singapore instead – which would make us unique.  

2. We placed this attractive, unique offer in front of a hungry crowd 

Most agents were using age-old methods that relied on a lot of manual hard work.
We decided to go digital instead to create huge and instant market awareness, and position JJ as the go-to person in that market, since no one was doing that.
In a short span of time, we helped JJ and her digital ads reach 558,000 people in just 3 months.
She had a flood of leads as a result of our digital ads.
3. We assisted JJ to close sales with high trust and accuracy
We assisted JJ with a sales presentation that was comfortable and helped interested buyers naturally reach a buying decision.
It matched who she was, and she felt at ease doing it.
Finally, as a result of working with JJ, buyers felt comfortable and grateful.

4. We helped JJ turn happy clients into endless referrals

We had JJ introduce the idea to her happy clients to keep referring business back to her, and they were happy to do so … 
In a short 3 months, these are the achievements JJ – a complete real estate newbie – accomplished:
– Booked $186,000 worth of sales revenue.
⁃ Already collected $89,000 of sales 
⁃ Closed 7 other listings that has a total revenue worth of $97,000 coming up in next 2-3 months
… all from under $17,000 of advertising. 

Here’s proof from her PropNex dashboard!

She literally had leads knocking on HER door instead of having to knock on theirs.

We flipped the game once again using our 4-step method, and in a short span of time produced the results that JJ wanted.
She was blown away and felt a sense of confidence she had never experienced before.
Even though she was told that the real estate market was not doing well … 
JJ was one of the few agents to make 6 figures, while her other more experienced colleagues struggled.
Till today, they still have no idea how the “zero sales” girl became a superstar virtually overnight.

“On Top of $89,000… I’ve Booked Another $97,000 Worth of Personal Sales Revenue Within The Next 3 Months!”


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