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Founder of Vertex Mastery

“If you get the chance to work with Melvin and Josiah, whatever the price, do not hesitate.”

I just spent an hour with Melvin and Josiah and they gave me 20 to 30 roadmap, gameplan, absolute 30 for my personal purpose in life, my business purpose and direction.

And it’s not something that fit into me, it is something that truly resonates and is truly something I look forward to.

If i do it for the next 15, 30, 80 years, it’s something that will be close to my heart and I really can live this mission and message.

Thank you, Melvin. Thank you, Jo.

Hundred thousand percent investment ever.

If you get the chance to work with them, whatever the price, do not hesitate.

“In just one closing, we made $9,000 from 6 out of 9 people!”

“Melvin is the secret weapon of top performers!”

There’s one thing Melvin is really gifted at… finding your X-Factor.

And when he does that, it’s just easier for me to do. I have spent a lot of time with Melvin, and everytime I have a conversation with Melvin, it’s another 5 or 6 figures in the bank.

The biggest problem is this: a lot of us, we are clouded and confused. And when you are clouded and you are confused, what you need is someone to give you clarity. And you need to understand: as much as you think you can do it to others, you need someone to do it to you. Because you can’t work on yourself. You need someone to work on you. And Melvin is that person that works on me, and Josiah is that person that works on me. So they get me from confused and clouded to clear, that’s the first thing.

Second is this: Once I’m clear, that does not mean I’m happy.

Yes, we make money but we end up being burnt out and depressed. So what Melvin also works on a lot is does it make you happy, does it make you fulfilled, is this something that you build 5, 10, 20 years.

And the third one, I think is the most important thing, is all about getting you aligned. The most important thing you need to realize is this: most of us, we are not aligned. If we are not aligned, we do not have action. When you are not aligned, whatever you do, it does not make sense.


"Without doubt - Melvin and Josiah are the two best marketers I have ever seen in my entire 50 year business career."
Marshall Thurber
Godfather of Business
"I know almost everybody out there in the Sales and Marketing world, and Mel and Jo are right up there with the best of the best."
Mark Joyner
Godfather of Internet Marketing
"Melvin and Josiah can design a marketing process and closing process to 10x your business!”
Ken Chee
CEO of 8VIC Global