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Senior Consultant at Empact Pte Ltd

“Instead of the usual techniques, they provided guiding principles to get a fresh look at human behaviour.”

Having a bit of a Psychology background, I would expect to see or hear a lot of psychological techniques. But I was pleasantly surprised that it was guiding principles as a fresh look at a lot of things about human behaviour: that you don’t need a script but you need to look internally. Once you reject things internally, things will flow. 

I really appreciate the fact that it’s not hard and fast scripts. It’s not techniques, but guiding principles. I think you really need to come.


"Without doubt - Melvin and Josiah are the two best marketers I have ever seen in my entire 50 year business career."
Marshall Thurber
Godfather of Business
"I know almost everybody out there in the Sales and Marketing world, and Mel and Jo are right up there with the best of the best."
Mark Joyner
Godfather of Internet Marketing
"Melvin and Josiah can design a marketing process and closing process to 10x your business!”
Ken Chee
CEO of 8VIC Global