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Business Development Director at Property Butler

“Just applying what I learned could generate us additional 6-digits sales!”

What's your biggest challenge before attending the X-Factor Masterclass?

Our company recently went through restructuring.

Before this, I wasn’t really involved in branding and marketing scope of work. So now, I would have to spearhead a lot of these activities and I don’t really know what to do.

What's your biggest takeaway?

My biggest takeaway would be the elements that would help us to stand out.

Important things like knowing what we stand for, what are the clients we actually don’t want to work with.

By communicating those, we will be able to demonstrate to our clients that these are the values that we believe in, and if they subscribe to what we believe in, it would make the entire working relationship very healthy and smooth.


I believe that would help us to improve our clients’ quality. So that should help us generate additional 6-digits sales, I believe, in the next 3-6 months.

What do you think of Mel and Jo?

I think they are people who do what they say.

They are committed. And when they make promises, they make sure that they deliver.

So that’s the part that I enjoy the most by working with them.

Do you have any concerns/skepticisms before attending this Masterclass?

Not really concerns, but I actually do not know what is the content of the class.

But I have a lot of faith in Melvin and Jo so that’s why I decided to come to the class.

Who should NOT attend this class?

People who do not want to be number one in their industry.

Why would you recommend X-Factor Masterclass to other people?

I believe it would help a lot of people to identify their X-Factors, which all of us actually have.

And it would improve their business performance and revenue dramatically.

Do you have any message for Mel and Jo?

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to learn not just for myself but also for my team.

I think we’ll be able to make a lot of improvements to our process and how we approach our clients after this.


"Without doubt - Melvin and Josiah are the two best marketers I have ever seen in my entire 50 year business career."
Marshall Thurber
Godfather of Business
"I know almost everybody out there in the Sales and Marketing world, and Mel and Jo are right up there with the best of the best."
Mark Joyner
Godfather of Internet Marketing
"Melvin and Josiah can design a marketing process and closing process to 10x your business!”
Ken Chee
CEO of 8VIC Global